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What is an Ad Blocker? How to Browse Without Bombardment

To explain what an ad blocker is, let’s first explain why they’re essential to browsing the net safely–now more than ever. Chances are you’ve heard about recent scandals involving personal data, privacy and the internet. While ad blockers can’t protect you from everything malicious on the web, they do stop most ads you will encounter, including pop up ads that are obtrusive, annoying, and chock full of tracking code or malware. If you’ve ever asked how to stop pop up ads, an ad blocker is the answer. Ad blockers stop more than just pop up ads, however. They’re also great for sneaky banner ads, annoying YouTube and Facebook ads, and more.

Do I need an Ad Blocker?

Yes! Ad blockers help protect your privacy on the internet, prevent sites from collecting your data, and can improve browser speed and computer performance. In this day and age you can never be too safe on the internet, and an ad blocker is a great way to keep you and your loved ones (and their personal information) safe online. They’re free, easy to set up, and don’t require any personal information to get started.

Once you install an ad blocker, chances are you won’t even notice it’s working, you’ll just be able to enjoy the internet without dealing with annoying pop ups or those creepy ads that know a little bit too much about you. Online ads, pop ups and otherwise, can often be deceitful. Sometimes posing as messages from real people, buttons indicating a fatal error with the computer, or messages just to trick you into giving them personal information like credit card numbers or passwords.

Not only does an ad blocker make your web experience safer, it makes it faster, too! When your computer doesn’t have to load ads, the content you’re trying to see loads that much faster. We all have that family member or two that seems to fall for every internet scam in the book. These scam ads can install malware that make computers run slowly and collect personal information. Chances are they won’t even notice that an ad blocker is working silently in the corner of the screen to keep their browser safer and faster, and that means less headaches for everyone! Ad blockers are simple to use, and are available for most major browsers.

What if I Want to See Some Ads?

While the most common question is how to block ads, there are times when you might want to actually allow them. After installing an ad blocker you have nearly full control of the ads you see online. Ad blockers can easily be turned off or paused, and most ad blockers, like AdBlock and uBlock, have a feature that allows you to whitelist (give permission to) your favorite, trusted sites. Some publishers rely on ad revenue to stay afloat, and as long as they advertise responsibly, you can whitelist them so that they get their needed ad revenue for your site visit. Some ad blockers, like AdBlock, Adblock Plus and uBlock, also have leeway for ads they deem to be acceptable. These ads are relevant, not malicious, and required to keep some websites, news sources, and online resources alive financially. Not everyone on the internet is out to get you, but with more and more of our personal information available online, it is paramount to safeguard our privacy whenever possible.

How Do I Install an Ad Blocker?

Hopefully this article has helped convince you that installing an ad blocker is a good move to help you have a more enjoyable–and safer–experience browing the Internet. If so, that’s great news as setting up an ad blocker on your computer could not be easier to install and get started with.

Full instructions for how to install an ad blocker can be found in our help section. Once you get it set up you don’t have to worry about settings or complication, it works all the time. If you or a family member are experiencing frequent issues with malware or slow browsing speeds- an ad blocker combined with a legitimate malware protection software should be the next two things you install. While ad blockers can’t remove malware, it can stop ads that try to install it in the first place. Don’t let ads ruin your internet experience, get an ad blocker. Ad blockers are here to make sure you get the most out of the internet- stay safe and happy browsing!