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How to protect yourself from annoying ads on your Mac computer

If you’ve spent any time surfing the Internet recently, you know that dealing with annoying advertisements is a fact of life. Some ads play audio at full volume while other ads cover up the stories you are trying to read.

Thankfully, there is a solution. uBlock has created a simple ad blocker that is easy to install and blocks most of the annoying ads you will see online. What’s even better is that we designed this ad blocker app so that it can be easily download it from Apple’s Mac app store. That means the uBlock app is easy to find, easy to install, and once you have it you don’t have to worry about ads any more.

Surfing the web should not be a stressful experience, so here’s how to get the uBlock app so you can start removing ads and begin enjoying the Internet again.

1. How to Install the uBlock app for Mac.

To get the uBlock ad blocker on your computer, please visit our download page in the Apple app store. Once you are there, just follow the on-screen instructions. Please note, this app *only* works on your desktop computer — like a Macbook Air, a Macbook, or an iMac. This app will *not* work on your phone or your iPad (we are working hard on a version that will).

Apple makes it very easy to install apps from the app store. But if you run into any problems, please just follow our step-by-step guide to ensure the app is up and running quickly.

2. How do I block ads or remove ads?

We’ve designed uBlock so that once you have it installed you don’t have to do anything to block ads–the uBlock app will remove ads automatically. The uBlock app will block ads on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and milliosn of other websites. If you want to make sure that the app is blocking ads just click on the uBlock icon (it looks like a big “U”) on your computer:

Once you’ve clicked on the uBlock icon, just make sure there is a blue check mark next to the menu item that says “Block annoying ads, pop-ups, and intrusive trackers.”

3. How do I allow ads on websites that I like?

Not all ads are annoying or obnoxious. And sometimes you want to see ads on the website you are visiting. With the uBlock app you can easily allow ads on your favorite websites. This is called “whitelisting” and the uBlock app makes it very easy to do. When you are surfing the web in the Safari browser, just visit the website that you want to allow ads on, and then click on the uBlock icon in your broser and click on the menu item labelled “Allow ads on this site”.

There is much more you can do with the uBlock ad blocker. But if all you want to do is stop seeing ads, just install uBlock and let us do the rest — we will block ads for you and speed up your browsing without you having to do anything else. And if you ever have any problems, please just send us a note and we will help however we can.

4. How do I temporarily turn off uBlock?

There are certain times where you may need to turn off uBlock to access websites you like. And uBlock makes that easy to do. If a website asks you to turn off your ad blocker before you view its content, or if uBlock is blocking a pop up on a website that you need to see, simply click the uBlock icon in your browser and then click “Pause”. Once you click pause, the page you are visiting will reload automatically. It may take a few seconds for all the previously blocked or hidden ads to appear.

Once you are done viewing the content you want to see, or if you want to start blocking ads again, just click on the uBlock icon again and then click “Resume” and that will tell your ad blocker to start working again.

5. How does uBlock deal with pop ups?

By default the uBlock app will block pop up ads on most websites. And for the most part this is a good thing, since many publishers abuse pop up advertisements as a way to force you to look at their ads. But some websites–like your bank or some e-commerce websites–use pop-ups as part of their normal operations. If you want to allow pop-ups on a specific website just click on the uBlock icon and then select “Allow ads on this website” and this will allow that website to show you all ads, including any pop ups that uBlock had been interferring with.