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What is uBlock?

uBlock is an ad and content blocker that can be downloaded as a desktop extension in the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. In addition to blocking ads, uBlock also blocks trackers used by advertisers to keep track of user behavior. Because of the nature of the online advertising ecosystem and abuse, uBlock can also help protect your PC from malicious software distributed through some types of ads.

Who uses uBlock?

Millions of people worldwide have downloaded uBlock to help speed up their PC and block ads and trackers.

Do I have to pay to use uBlock?

No. uBlock will always be offered as a free product. We rely on donations from users to survive, and you can help support us here.

Are uBlock and uBlock Origin the same thing?

No. They are two separate products, although both products aim to make it safer and more fun to browse the Internet by cutting down on the ads users are exposed to on most websites. You can download uBlock Origin here.