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Cybersecurity in 5 Minutes or Less

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is any set of measures put in place to safeguard your networks, programs, and, ultimately, your data. When you install an antivirus program like McAfee or Avast you are taking steps to secure your computer. When you install an ad blocker or a password manager you are investing in cybersecurity for your personal computer. And while using the right tools is important, a proper cybersecurity “plan” also involves educating yourself on how to safely use your computer to browse the web.

But don’t worry, educating yourself is not hard. And we are here to help. Just think of cybersecurity as the holistic health approach, where the focus is to have every part of your network or system healthy.

Why is cybersecurity important?

To understand the importance of cybersecurity it’s important to have some perspective. Take malware – one of the many threats online – for example:

  • 2007: approximately six-million types of malware
  • 2017: more than eight-million types of malware
  • 16 new types of malware per minute
  • 13% of malware is classified as Adware, preventable with an ad blocker

A proper cybersecurity setup greatly reduces your chances of encountering malware, let alone having that malware inject itself into your computer. While many malware infections can be minor and result in minor annoyances, some contain trojans that allow the user to track your keystrokes and steal your information.

Identity theft costs the average person upwards of $1,300. Protecting yourself is essential.

Where does uBlock fit in?

Most people don’t consider an ad blocker as a cybersecurity measure. But, in reality, ads can be a huge source of malware and adware, just as easily as a suspicious email or download can.

The security firm, Confiant, discovered a network of 28 fake ad agencies responsible for one billion ad impressions in 2017 alone.

These ads often redirect to fake sites promoting downloads for viruses and trojans disguised as software. Some of these sites are so convincing, only the most astute users would be able to make out the difference between them and the real thing.

uBlock would have prevented these ads from ever making it your browser.

uBlock: Keeping you safer

As we said before, cybersecurity is the sum of many parts. uBlock is a piece of that puzzle, as it can block malicious ads attempting to steal your personal information. It also prevents websites from using any suspicious tracking that would allow them to collect information about your browsing habits.

All of this results in a safer browsing experience, giving you peace of mind.