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uBlock Incorporates Acceptable Ads


As the Internet has evolved it’s become clear that online advertising will remain one of the dominant revenue models for web publishers. And that means that online advertising is here to stay.

Fortunately, while online advertising may be here to stay, the ads that websites rely on to generate revenue don’t have to be annoying or intrusive. That is why that uBlock has started to incorporate the Acceptable Ads program into its browser extensions. The Acceptable Ads program provides publishers with a fair, respectful way to generate income from advertisements while at the same time ensuring that users only see ads that meet some basic guidelines around viewability. It is operated by the Acceptable Ads committee a non-profit that helps determine which ads are deemed user-friendly. If you have heard of it previously, that’s because the program is already being utilized in popular ad blockers like AdBlock (which acquired uBlock last year) and AdBlock Plus.

We took the first step down this road last summer when we added Acceptable Ads to our uBlock MacOS app, which was one of the first ad blocking MacOS apps available in the Apple Mac App store. Up next we will be adding this program to our Firefox and Chrome extensions.