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Introducing uBlock for Safari 12


As you may have noticed, Apple started a major update of its browser yesterday, upgrading users to Safari 12. This release of MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and Safari 12 includes a number of significant changes to the way traditional ad blocking extensions work.

Ultimately the changes that Apple included break most major ad blockers, including uBlock, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. To use uBlock (and any of the rest) moving forward you will need to install a MacOS app to block ads in the Safari browser. The good news is that uBlock launched its MacOS app about two months ago and we’ve been updating it ever since. The uBlock is available for download in the Apple Mac App Store.

We have put together a step-by-step guide on how to use the uBlock Mac app. This should give you a good oveview of how to use the app. Which is good, because starting in 2019, the uBlock MacOS app is going to be the only way to get uBlock to work in Safari.

In the meantime, please know the uBlock app is a work in progress. We’ve recently added support for 10 languages, but we have many years of development to catch up in the span of a few weeks to get to parity with the old Safari browser extensions. There are a few other items that we will be focused on in the coming days:

  • Opening at Login: In order to update our filter lists — the rules we use to block ads — we ask that users open uBlock upon login. Many users have complained about an app opening everytime they launch their machine. We will be updating the app so that it runs “silently” withtout bothering users at startup.
  • Filter Lists: Right now Apple imposes a limit of 50,000 rules to block ads. To add more lists we need to enable additional content blockers. We will be working on this shortly to add support for other popular filter lists, including EasyPrivacy, language-specific lists and more.

We will be investing heavily into this app over the coming months, so please let us know if you have any additonal features or functionality you’d like to see, and thanks for using uBlock!