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The Best Firefox Add-ons

By | March 25th, 2019|

Firefox was one of the first modern web browsers to give users the ability to control their browsing experience using add-ons. These add-ons allow users to exert control over their browsers looks and feel. Since [...]

uBlock Incorporates Acceptable Ads

By | February 23rd, 2019|

As the Internet has evolved it’s become clear that online advertising will remain one of the dominant revenue models for web publishers. And that means that online advertising is here to stay. Fortunately, while online [...]

Stop Irritating Pop-ups Forever with uBlock

By | October 11th, 2018|

For almost as long as there has been an Internet people have complained about pop-up ads. Unless you’ve been living without network access, chances are you’ve encountered pop ups online. As the name suggests, these are ads that literally pop up in a window over the content you are reading, and they are usually there to sell you something.