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Ublock, the Ultimate Ad Blocker: Free, Effective, and Fast


There’s an old saying popular in software development: “you can have it good, fast, or cheap, pick two.” The idea is you can have something built that is high-quality (good) and built fast, but it will cost a lot of money to make that happen. Or you can have something that is cheap and built fast, but you’ll probably have a product that isn’t very good.

It took years to create uBlock, but from a consumer perspective, we like to think we’ve created an ad blocker that is free, powerful and fast. In other words, you don’t have to pick two. And that’s particularly helpful because today’s ads are obnoxious, pervasive, frequently dangerous, and will absolutely slow down your browsing speeds.

The Ideal Ad Blocking Software

There are numerous free ad blockers available, many of which do their jobs well. There are also plenty of ad blockers that will steal your personal information, don’t work as well as advertised, or aren’t supported regularly.

With this in mind, there are some hard and fast truths when it comes to ad blockers.

  • An ad blocker should be easy to use
  • An ad blocker should work on as many sites as possible, including sites that actively fight ad blockers like Facebook, YouTube, and others
  • Your ad blocker of choice should have whitelisting
  • It should be easy to turn your ad blocker on and off
  • Unless you are donating or paying for a product, an ad blocker shouldn’t need any personal information

Finding an ad blocker that has all of these features sounds like it would be tough. Right?

Enter uBlock, your new favorite ad blocker.

What Makes uBlock Different

To put it simply, uBlock just works.

Many ad blockers out there have a laundry list of features that appeal to a small percentage of users, while confusing and driving away everyone else. Unlike these other ad blockers, uBlock focuses on doing one thing: blocking ads.

Whether you want to block ads on YouTube or your browser, uBlock will get the job done. Furthermore, it requires very little setup. You don’t have to tweak a variety of settings, you simply install uBlock and it starts blocking ads.

uBlock incudes a whitelist feature that lets you support the content creators you enjoy. It is also very easy to pause uBlock if you want to see all the ads on any given site. Like everything else on uBlock, this is easy to set up for both your browser or Youtube.

A Few Perks of Using uBlock

  1. uBlock Saves You Time

Setting up some ad blockers can take a good chunk of time. With uBlock you simply install it and let it get to work. Even whitelisting only takes a minute at most.
What’s more, uBlock saves you the time of closing ads. How many times have you had to search for the elusive X on a popup ad? Or find that ad that’s playing music you never asked for? Or accidentally – you get the idea. Ads are a real time sink.

  1. It Lowers the Risk of Malware

Nobody likes getting malware. With so many new types of malware being created every single day, your chances of getting malware are always climbing. This is especially true if you aren’t using an ad blocker. Many malware specimens find their way into your computer through ads. Blocking ads instantly reduces your chances of infection.

  1. uBlock is Safe

It’s not unheard of for ad blockers on the Chrome store or elsewhere to be pieces of malware. In fact, it’s happened as recently as this year. Don’t roll the dice and download a random ad blocker even if it has numerous downloads and ratings. uBlock is trusted by millions and will never steal your personal information.

  1. It’s the Ideal Ad Blocker

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but uBlock is the ideal ad blocker: free, safe, and powerful. While others may have tons of bells and whistles, uBlock is a piece of cake to set up and great at blocking invasive ads.

Landing the Best Ad Blocking Software

Just as uBlock is easy to use, it’s even easier to get uBlock. Simply click this link and hit that giant “Add uBlock” button. Your browser will thank you later.

For more information on the perks of ad blocking and staying safe, hop on over to our Internet Security Center for the latest in cybersecurity news!